New York Slice Company

Feature List:

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Complex Layouts
  • Worry-Free Hosting
  • Copy Development

The New York Slice Company is proud to be a family owned and operated pizzeria in Sarasota. This pizzeria was opened by Brad Rudy, his sister, brother in law, nephew, and niece. Truly making it a family business!

Since 2014, New York Slice Company has been tossing some of the area’s best New York style pizza. They are proud to not only offer New York style pizza, but also a variety of pastas, oven-baked subs, appetizers, tasty desserts, and more.

After surviving 8 years in business, and pulling through the pandemic (where a lot of other businesses failed), their business was ready to step up their website game.


The goal of this project was to update their website design and functionality to accommodate their growing needs. This project included but was not limited to these categories:

  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Worry – Free Website Hosting

The intention being to build a solid web foundation that will eventually integrate an online ordering feature.

The redesign of this website clearly and effectively highlights the following:

  • Weekly and Daily Specials
  • Social Networking
  • Delivery, Pickup, and Dine-In Options

We distinctly designed the menu page to clearly present food options from pizza, calzones & strombolis, pasta, salads & oven-baked subs, appetizers, deserts, and drinks. The clear separation allows for easier viewing and selection of the website visitor.

This website project also included social network feeds that were made to be compatible across all platforms. The pizzeria also had a desire to launch their new social media platforms with their new website redesign . We were able to connect them with a professional social media marketeer that did a redesign and launch of their socials alongside the website project being completed as well.

Custom Photography

Capturing high-quality photography of their products, kitchen, dining area, and storefront. The goal being for the pizzeria to be able to optimize these images across website, print, and social network outreach.

Custom Website Design and Development

We needed to accommodate the growing mobile browsing market by employing responsive website design that included the following:

  • Breakpoints for Tablets and Phones
  • Optimized Images for Phones
  • Tap-to-Call Buttons for Phones

Another feature on the website is the “helper accessibility sidebar”. This sidebar allows for selection of easier reading, keyboard functionality, font size, contrast color, and more. These options will assist a variety of users no matter if they face a disability or not to be able to easily access these customizable features.

Worry – Free Website Hosting

Lastly, we migrated their website to the Creative Sarasota Worry-Free network that we provide.