Taxman Home Page Facelift

Feature List:

  • Website Design
  • Custom Programming

Taxman Associates is an accounting firm started by 15 year IRS veteran Howard Choder. Howard, along with a highly educated and skilled staff, have the background and talents to deal with customer’s complex issues with the IRS and tax returns. In 2020, Creative Sarasota built the new website for the firm. In 2023, Taxman Associates wanted to add a little pizzazz to their home page as well as expand their messaging to include a new service.


Accounting is often thought of as a drab industry. Taxman Associates counters that image with a more laid back and fun business culture. To reflect that culture they asked us to make their home page more fun, interesting, and engaging and to highlight their ability to address tax issues pertaining to crypto currency. To do this, we focussed on:

  • New Staff Photography
  • Engaging Scroll Animation
  • Updated Messaging

Fun with Scrolling

The real fun came with developing the scrolling animations for the home page. Using the new photography and messaging, we created multiple sections that each had similar scroll effects. Each main section was designed to do a few things. The first line of each heading presents an idea as it fades into view. For example “IRS Tax Problems” starts to fade into view as you scroll down the page. As you continue to scroll down, the word “Solved” slides into view, completing the idea “IRS Tax Problems Solved”. Each section includes imagery, most of which personalizes the firm with pictures of the staff. Finally, each section has a simple call to action button to get more information on the corresponding topic.

It’s a simple but effective way to engage visitors with the services you offer and people behind those services.

Crypto Taxes, De-Crypted.

The new messaging was fairly easy. We simply built a highly visible section, with a clear heading, a photo of Joe (the crypto expert), and descriptive copy. The section was animated similarly to the other animated sections and does exactly what it needs to: advertise the service, personalize it with Joe’s info.


The new photography was a little tricky as the Taxman office is located in Washington State. Thus, we simply gave direction to a photographer in their area and worked with what he provided.

What Are Scrolling Animations?

Scrolling animations, or scroll effects, are animations that respond to your visitors as they scroll up and down your web page. The animations can be applied to images, copy, or whole sections. They are coded to move, fade, blur, or rotate as the user scrolls down. When the user scrolls back up, the animation executes in reverse. This can be a very useful tool when you want to draw attention to a specific part of your web page.


Scroll this page up and down and see how the below Creative Sarasota Logo moves and changes.

Creative Sarasota Logo