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Add On Services

After your web or graphic design and development project has been launched, we provide a collection of services designed to help support your ongoing efforts. Focusing on affordability and efficacy, these services aim to accommodate issues and needs commonly encountered by businesses:

  • Small and Large-Scale Support
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Press Releases
  • Content Development
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3 Reasons to Blog

Engage Visitors. Visitors are more likely to return to your website if you regularly post relevant and engaging content on topics related to your industry.

Establish Your Authority. When you write authoritatively about your industry, you establish that you are THE organization people will go to for answers.

Attract Search Engines. The more copy you have, the more search engines are likely to consider your website and web pages important, increasing the chance you will show up in searches.

Support Services

Single Incident Support

This service is designed to give our clients an affordable way to deal with those small, nagging issues that don’t require vast amounts of time to resolve but need to be resolved now.
$60 per incident
Used for issues that typically take 20 minutes or less to resolve.

  • Small Image Edits
  • Quick Copy Updates
  • Content Replacement
  • Maintenance Issues

Multi-Incident Support

This service is designed for clients that have multiple issues. It could be an emergency issue or a list of non-time sensitive tasks that have accumulated over time.
$100 per hour

  • Larger Graphic Projects
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Multi-Page Copy Updates

WordPress Security & Maintenance

Our WordPress Monthly Security and Maintenance service is designed to keep your WordPress website monitored and up-to-date.
$150 per quarter
$75 per single instance

  • WordFence Security SoftwareWordfence Security Software. WordFence monitors the health and security of WordPress. It provides email alerts for hack attempts, outdated plugins, log in attempts, and weekly and monthly summaries. We monitor all of this so there is always someone looking out for your website.
    • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly alert emails.
    • Notify customer of any immediate or significant threats.
    • Premium Upgrade Available for $99/year (or current vendor price). Wordfence Premium adds a multitude of enhanced features including realtime IP blacklists, malware updates, country blocking, and more.
  • Monthly Website Audit. Typically within the first week of each month we will spend up to 1 hour performing regular WordPress maintenance and security audits on your website. Any issue that requires more than the allotted hour will be billed at $40/hour. Monthly tasks include:
    • Perform security audit and address security threats (malicious files, hacks, broken plugins, etc).
    • Update WordPress core software if necessary. Including a backup of the site (up to 2gigs of data, sites with more than 2gigs charged $1 per additional gig of data.) prior to update. We will keep 1 backup.
    • Update plugins.
    • Update themes.
    • Provide monthly email summary of audit results, actions taken, and any issues that require further action.

Blog & Newsletter Development

Fresh, relevant content posted at regular intervals is still one of the best ways to attract the attention of search engines and existing and new clients. Creative Sarasota provides blog development or a newsletter/blog combo.
$1500* per quarter

Regular Blog Posts* provide engaging content, establish your business as an authority, and expand the content on your website. All of which is very good for your online presence. If you have an email list, Newsletters* can be gold. It keeps you in touch with your clients and encourages repeat visits.

*Some restrictions may apply. Prices subjet to change. Please contact a Creative Sarasota Design & Development representative for details. Newsletter design limited to Constant Contact or MailChimp services.

Services Include

  • 3 Posts or Newsletters.
  • Topic Development (if needed).
  • Copy Development. 300 to 400 words per post.
  • Initial Blog or Newsletter Template. Updates can be made each quarter: seasonal colors, etc.
  • Post or Newsletter Layout. Based on copy and content, we will modify the layout as needed.
  • 1 Promotional Banner per Quarter. Your graphic banner can be used to promote new services, products, or even on your website to promote your new blog post.
  • Image Editing. We will select, edit, and optimize up to 3 images for each post or mailing.

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