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CSDD is a full service website design and development workshop. We deliver effective, beautiful, and responsive web designs for your business, personal, or non-profit web projects. We start by developing relevant concepts, color pallets, and content direction. Next we build a design and layout that incorporates optimized graphics, typographical hierarchy, clear navigation, open content spacing, device scalability, distinct calls to action, and more.

Design At Any Size

No matter how big or small your web design project is, we manifest your vision. From landing pages for your marketing efforts to enterprise websites with ecommerce, blogs, newsletters, and multiple page layouts, Creative Sarasota will work with you to develop, design, and implement your ideas.

Mobile website design for
Blackbeard’s Ranch, Myakka, FL.

What Is "Responsive" Web Design and Development?

Responsive website design and development is an approach to building website graphics, layout, and content in such a way that the website shrinks and expands to effectively render on all size devices from desktops to cell phones.

Web Design and Development Levels

Custom Design

We design custom websites to your specifications. Designs can include custom graphics, banners, sliders, stock or original photography, multiple page layouts, and more.

Design Replication

We will recreate existing or former web site designs. This is done for a variety of reasons: to integrate a site into WordPress; maintain brand consistency across multiple sites; create landing pages to reflect your main site; to recover from a catastrophic loss of website data.

Design & Layout Renovation

Let us renovate and overhaul an existing website design or layout. This can give a fresh, updated look, accommodate additional services like ecommerce, or add updated technology like sliders or videos.

Template Customization

We customize WordPress website templates to reflect an organization’s brand, layout preferences, or functionality needs.

Web Design & Development Types

Complex Websites

Complex sites can include multiple page layouts, site sections, widget areas, different sidebar positions, or expanded functionality like calendars, reservations, or sales tools.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites, by necessity, have multiple page layouts and expanded functionality in order to sell products, but don’t need to have all of the extras found in more complex sites.

Brochure Websites

Brochure sites are a basic website typically consisting of a single page layout and design intended to deliver your organization’s information in a clear and attractive package. Multiple page designs and layout can be developed.

Blogging Websites

Blogging sites often consist of a single page design and layout that focuses on effective presentation of your web log entries. Multiple layouts can be implemented for different sections of your blog.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a single page with a single design promoting a single idea. They are often deployed to track public response to a new product, idea, or promotion. They can be part of your existing website or set up with its own domain reflecting the same or different design concepts as your primary brand.

Let Us Create Your Internet Presence.

Creative Sarasota Design and Development is a full service website and graphic development workshop. We work with you and your team to create the visual, written, and web-based tools you need to advance your organization's agenda.

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