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WordPress and Divi: Editing the Text Module with the Visual Builder

Divi Visual Builder

Enabling the Divi Visual Builder

It is assumed that you know how to enable and disable the Divi Visual Builder. If you do not know how to engage the Visual Builder, please read our blog tutorial here:

WordPress and Divi: Enable and Disable the Visual Builder

Edit the Text Module

Once you have logged in, navigated to the page you wish to edit, and engaged the Divi Visual Builder, follow these steps to edit text modules.

Divi Text Module

Engage the Text Editor

Scroll to the area of text you wish to update.

Put your mouse over the module you wish to update. When you mouse over the module, a gray border and a gray bar with icons will appear.

Click on the Cog icon Divi Builder Cog Icon in the GRAY tool bar that appears.

Divi Text Module Editor

Edit Your Text

A text editor will appear.

This editor is similar in appearance and function to the native WordPress text editor.

Add, remove, or modify the copy you wish to affect in the edit box.

Note: The editor window can be grabbed and moved around the page or docked on the side. To dock the window, click on the dock icon Divi Window Docking Icon in the upper-right corder of the text editor window.

Divi Save Text Edits

Save The Module Edits.
Repeat if Necessary.

When you are done editing, click the green “Check Mark” in the lower right corner of the edit box. The window will disappear.

Repeat all of these steps again if you wish to make any more edits to different text modules.

Divi Purple Dot Control Panel

Open the Web Page Control Panel

When you are done editing the web page, click the Purple Circle with the 3 dots in the lower center of the window. This will expand to display more options.

Divi Save Documnet

Save and Exit

Click the green button with the word “Save” in the lower right corner of the window.
After clicking it, the button will display dots rotating in a circle.

Wait until the circle stops rotating and you see a Check Mark.

Exit the Visual Builder.

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